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2020 Impact Report: Moving Forward Together

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Most plans changed as 2020 began presenting unprecedented challenges, but we managed to stay on course, adapt, and innovate to continue Liberty Foundation’s mission to improve the lives of our vulnerable populations. In fact, all those unfortunate events, such as the earthquakes and the pandemic, were transformed into an opportunity to demonstrate that nothing can stop Liberty from helping those who need it the most. When the earthquakes struck Puerto Rico’s Southwestern region, we provided connectivity to refugees, humanitarian aid for disadvantaged communities and, thanks to our generous customers,

the means for students from public schools to continue their studies. When the pandemic changed our lives overnight, we gave free internet services to thousands that could not afford it and made history with the first virtual reality golf tournament, that allowed us to donate $500,000 to 23 nonprofit organizations in Puerto Rico and, for the first time, in the US Virgin Islands.

So imagine what we will accomplish in 2021. We start this year full of hope, inspired by the amazing work that the NPOs that we support are doing in these difficult times. Liberty Foundation’s positive impact on our socioeconomic development will continue to grow thanks to the support of over 2,200 Liberty employees, customers, sponsors and friends. Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands can count on us at Liberty!

Naji Khoury

President and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Liberty Foundation


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